There comes a point in every kitchen’s life when it needs a bit of updating. Whether you want a total kitchen makeover or just some simple design tips and ideas to bring your kitchen up to date, HGTV kitchen design trends are great sources of inspiration.

A neutral color palette is a big key to making your kitchen trendy. The light colors give the feel of openness and cleanliness while providing a wonderful opportunity to use contrast. While many of the pictured kitchens flaunt neutral colors, another trend is using dark woods and countertops to make the whole kitchen pop. The use of contrast creates depth and drama and is appealing to the eye.

If you are not looking to for a complete kitchen redo, try adding simple updated features such as lights and sink fixtures.
Lights can add a burst of color or illuminate the whole kitchen to make the area appear more open. With a neutral palette, using brightly colored light fixtures in the kitchen can create a nice focal point. One of HGTV’s examples shows a light kitchen with dark countertops and orange light fixtures that bring the whole room together. Adding oversized light fixtures in a contrasting color is also a great idea for making your kitchen more fashionable. Check out the second picture of HGTV’s kitchen examples.

Another simple update to add to your kitchen is a new sink or faucet. Not only are farm sinks ideal for washing large pots and pans, another big advantage is that they never go out of style. While the farm sink is a great reminder of the past, adding a modern faucet will make the whole sink even more current and timeless.

Whether you’re ready to tackle a big remodeling project or just to make some trendy tweaks to your York new home kitchen, these ideas are sure to satisfy you! Which kitchen design is your favorite?